Kinesiolog is a holistic approach to balanced helath. Strains, aches and pains are natures way of letting yo know that there is something wrong with your body. It is important to listne to what it si saying. Kinesiology can help by finding th cause of these imbalances using simple muscle testing. The body's own feedback helps to discover the true cause and the necessary treatment to obtain results.

What will Kinesiology help?

Simple health disorders such as Digestive problems, headaches/migraine, skin disorders, low back pain, low energy, tirdness, stress/emotional problems, nutritional/diet problems. To name but a few!!

What happens in a session?

The Therapist will explain the muscle testing procedure and will place the limbs in different positions. The arms support the organs in the upper body, and the legs support the organs below the rib cage.

The pressure used in the testing is very gentle- non invasive. If a weak muscle shows, it does not mean that there is a serious health issue, just that the area may be stagnent, has poor energy or perhaps an injury. The weakness is corrected by a firm but gentle massage of certain points on the spine know as lymphatic point which improve the circulation and strength in the area.The Therapist wil advise the client on lyfestyle and nutritioal changes.

When this advise is followed,positive results will be achieved. In most cases, issues can be addressed in 3-4 visits. Kinesiology does not diagnose illness or interfere with the Medical profession.

How does a session take?

The first session takes between  1hr - 1hr.30min.Follow up sessions take 30mins

How often do I have to return for treatment?

This will depend on the condition or ailment the client is suffering from, we do suggest the clinet ocmes back at least twice after the first session. We also suggest that clients have a yearly checkup.


We respectifully ask our clients to ensure that children are kept under supervision at all times when attending the Salon. Due to the constraints of our Insurance policy, we can not accept responsibility for personal injury, loss or damage to clients property.

Cancellation Policy.

We appreciate at least 24 hour notice of concellation of appointments. When making bookings for parties of more than two clients, credit card details are taken as confirmation. A 50% charge will be levied for non attendance.

Useful Info:

*Prices are inclusive of current rate of V.A.T

  • We provide Wheelchair access
  • Gift Vouchers are available year round
Mella Britton, C.Th.A. Dip. A.S.K
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