Systematic Kinesiology - Balanced Health Foundation Level Course - Donegal Town

Would you like an new profession? Are you already trained in Holistic Therapies and would like to up-skill? Are you someone who would like to know more about health and wellbeing?  This could be the opportuinity you/ve been waiting for!!  Discover a health systen that is so respectfull of the body's own healing system. By using the simple muscle testing of Systematic KInesiollogy, you  can uncover the body's needs and health issues

Course take place twice a year - Autumn and Spring.- so watch this space for up comming dates.

The next event happening will be the Annual Road Show, which will consists of Webinars, and live Taster Event - taking place on July 24th in Donegal Town. For further details, call Mella on 0749722656 or email mella  on or log on to

My Story....

I found my way to Kinesiology through a Massage Course I was doing in London in 1995. It amazed me how through simple muscle testing, the body would heal and balance itself. I wanted to learn more!! There was no-one teaching Kinesiology in Ireland at the time so I settled for a course in Food Testing using the Responder Machine. In 2005, the machine came to the "end of its life" I wasn unable to replace it, so the panic was on to find an alternative! I found Systematic Kinesiology and Siobhan Guthrie, who taught me all I know today about Kinesiology. It has been and is continuing to be an amazing journey in helping clients and myself. Kinesiology never stops amazing me!! It was above all modalities that I trained in, the BEST! i am working at Kinesiology for 11 years and have been teaching the Foundation - Balanced Health Course for three years. I love to talk about health and well being and am avaiable to interested groups.


Read what past Students are saying.........

Sharon McKelvey - Diploma student 2016

After experiencing Kinesiology several times, and seen how amazing this therapy was, I decided to take part in a Foundation Course in Donegal Town in October 2015. It was like I had found my " happy switch", my passion,The techniques that I've learned have allowed me to help family and friends. So for me it was a "no brainer" to continue on to study the Diploma level. THis has been the best decision I have ever made.


Roesleen Story Diploma student 2016

I had the good fortune to return to my roots in my beloved Donegal to complete my Foundation Course in Kinesiology,taught by the very passionate Mella Britton, now fondly known in our group as "Our Mella" From the very first day of that first weekend, is was more than obvious, that a very special bond had taken place between all in the class and Mella, solely because of her warm, friendly, delightful personality, and the exuberance of her passion for KInesiolgy. She had us all caltivated into this amazing Holistic Therapy. The positive energy in a very relaxed, enjoyable learning atmosphere was uplifting, with a wonderful group of people. Out of what was the largest group in 2016,( 11 students) five of us have continued on to study Kinesiology at Diploma level. I can honestly say, because of the Foundation Course taugth by Mella, and the Diploma Course taught by Siobhan Guthrie -Kinesiology Zone, I feel I hae made one of the most important decisions in my life, that is hugely benefiting me and more importanly, the rewarding feeling of helping others through Kinesiology. This amazing therapy encalsulates all four realms of good health - Mental, Chemical, Physical, Energetical components. When all are in balance, brings about a healthy happy human being. The defining element of Kinesiolgy, is that is it non-intrusive, non-invasive and uniquely individual/client driven Holistic Therapy.

I am very greatful to Mella for being the inspiring launch pad for my Kinesiology career and indeed to Kinesiology Zone for my continued and very enjoyable learning in Dimploma.

Sadie Grant Diploma Student 2016

 When i first came to Kinesiology I looking for a way to practice Health Care, that would approach each person as an individual and as a "whole person. Taking into account, every aspect of their health and well being.a practice which would be genuine to my clients and to my conscience. A practice that would not just look at treating symptoms, but would look to find the underlying cause of their health challenge. I found that in Kinesiology,when I signed up with Mella Britton in Donegal Town, for the Foundation Course in January 2016. Through Mella's inspiration, I am delighted to be coming to the end of my Certificate course now in Ferruary 2017 and i am intending to complete the Diploma in September 2017. Thank you Mella - I have found "what I'm looking for!!

Margaret - BH Student 2017 ( Foundation Student) 

I had a few sessions of Kinesiology prior to commencing the Foundation course, I can honestly say, I am much more awear of when I am not in balance and what the cause may be. i just love sharing Kinesiology with family and friends and especially my "stressed work mates"!!

Kathleen - BH Student 2017 ( Foundation course)

I have really enjoyed this course and love everything to do with Kinesiology. My energy has doubled and I feel great within myself. Feeling healthy and positive about life. I nlow can help my family and friends.  It was one of the best things you will do for yourself, family and friends.

What clients have said....

Mary R.

" I developed a very uncomfortable skin rash all over my body, I attended my GP who prescribed Steroids, Anti- Histamine tablets and Cream. My sleep pattern was disturbed due to the rash being at its worse at night. I have mobility problems, but after discussing the porblem with Mella, she asured me, that I could still have the test carried out through a " surrogate" My daughter attended the appointment with me, it was amazing to watch, how Mella just testing my daughter;s muscles while I was holding her hand, could discover where the problem lay! My problem was a food issue - the issue was Sugar! I have a very sweet tooth. Mella asured me that my taking sugar out of my diet - along with a few other foods, that my system would calm, my digestion would be better and by drinking more water and less " fizzy drinks" an improvement would come about. This improvement did come about, wihin 10 days of my treatment my skin settled, I know now, what the triggers were, I will continue to have reviews with Mella to ensure that my body and its systems remain in good condition. Best of all - I am now getting a full nights sleep in comfort!"

Sandra Q.

I attended Mella with an energy prblem and digestive issue, I though it was something that I was eating. I had heard of many people attending Mella for kinesiology so I decided to give it a go! Mella explained the treatment to me and what the process entiled. I was amazed to find out that my problem were not food related at all but it was an issue with my digestive tract that was not working properly. A small vlave called ICV - was out of balance. Mella carried out the "fix" and brought normality back to my digestion again!  i could not believe the different "little" things that can occure because of this valve being our of balance, things like low- back pain _ which I suffered on and off for years! , poor sleep pattern, poor energy, and sometimes  bloating . I feel so much better now! I still return for review every few months just to keep my body in good working order!  I would strongly recommend Kinesiology to everyone.

David Mc..

I attended Mella with a back problem, I had alot of discomfort in my low- back, It was not getting any better, dispit me using different muscle relaxant gels/creams and pain killers. Mella suggested two treatments, firstly to do a muscle test of the muscles associated with my low back, to see if any of those were causing my discomfort. Mella discovered that it was my sacrum - a bone at the base of my bakc that was the cause of my pain and discomfort.  She fied this and followed with a very relaxing Back Massge. I am now pain free and have no further discomfort! 

Happy client - 

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