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Beauty Essentials & Grooming Serivces

Eye brow shape, Eye lash tint, Electrolysis - using the Sterex Blend method

Skin Care:

Skin Therapy at Britton's has a passion for good skin care treatment and products. we are very fortunate to have Thalgo and Guinot ranges to offer.  Both are well established in reserch and development, which in turn, enables us to to give you the client first class skin care Both ranges contain natural products, anot tested on animals,and are suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Health and Well Being:

We all want to look well, but it must come from within, when our bodies are in perfect balance, that radiance will shine through.  For your Well Being we offer- Reiki, Signature Massage, Stones of the Earth Massage, Indian Head Massage, and Kinesiology.


Kinesiology is a holistic approach to balanced health. Strains, aches and pains are natures way of letting you know that there is something wrong with your body. It is important to listen to what it is saying. Kinesiology can help by finding the cause of these imbalances using simple muscle testing. The body's own feedback helps to discover the true cause and the necessary treatment, to obtain results.

Why put up with the way you are feeling when help is at hand?

The type of Kinesilology which is carried out is Systematic Kinesiology. This treatment uses simple muscle testing to find out imblances in the body, find food intolorences, help to heal old injuries, pains and aches. During the consultation, a full medical history is carried in order to discover what the clinets present state of health is. The muscle testing carried out, is very gentle is non invasive, and by no means agressive. The Client is liying on a treatment couch though out and is full clothed. Kinesiology is not a course of treatments, In most cases one treatment with perhaps 2-3 review visits are required.

We do suggest that the client has a yearly review. Kinesilogy does not take the place of medical advise or treatment, however it will compliment it. To have our diet, nutrition, lifestyle in a healthy  mode, strenghtening our Immune System keeps illness at bay. Keeping our stress levels  balanced in our busy lives is the key to a healthy body.. At the end of the Consultation, the client is given clear guidelines to follow for a period of time - this could be a diet or lifestyle change. At all times. the Kinesilogist support to the client is asured. I trained in 2005 with A.S.K. Ireland and am a member of the Systamatic Kinesiology Assocation of Ireland. Their web page can be viewed at or on Facebook

Weddings at Skin Therapy @ Brittons

Menus to suit all pockets!

The Ultimate Gold Menu     €600

Course of six Facial Treatments, Course of six Jessica Hand/Nail Treatments, Trial Make-up for Bride (3 weeks before) Full Body Spray Tan,
Jessica Geleration Nails, Jessica Pedicure Treatment, Wedding Day Make-up for Bride & 2 Bridesmaids

The Ultimate Silver Menu €460

Vita Peel Microdermbration Treatment, 2 x Hydradermie Facials 3 x Jessica Hand/Nail Treatments, Jessica Geleration Nails, Jessica Pedicure Treatment, Full Body Spray Tan, Trial Make-up for Bride, Wedding Day Make-up for Bride and 2 Bridesmaids

The Ultimate Bronze Menu  €350

3 x Facial Treatments ( Thalgo or Guinot) 3 x Jessica Manicure, Jessica Geleration Nails, Jessica Pedicure, Trial Make-Up for Bride, Wedding Day Make-up for Bride and 2 Bridesmaids

If none of the above suite your needs, just give us a call and we can put together a Personal Package for you.


 - Thalgo's MCEUTIC Peeling Facial 

This Treatment targets blemishes & irregularaties in the skin, to restore smoothness and radiance. Using Marine Mesolift Complex  - exclusive Thalgo patent- which will boost cell metabolism and preserves youthful skin. A true infusion containing a colposition of 34 Poly-Revitalising marine nutrients, Hyaluronic acid, Green Microalgae, Fucus Spiralis, resulting in sebum (oil) controle, boosting antioxidants in the skin. We recommend 4 sessions one every two weeks for excellent results.

 Thalgo's Eye Massage Treatment: 

The ultimate treatment in reducing puffiness, fine lines, tired eyes. With the choice of one of Thalgo's treatment masks - Hyaluronic Eye Patch Mask for fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness or The Collagen Eye Gel Mask - refreshing, reducing fine lines, anti-fatigue. This treatment can be applies as a "stand alone" treatment or can be added to any of the Thalgo range of Facial Treatments.



Guinot News...

 Guinot’s 30-Minute Hydraclean Facial with Thermoclean Electrode

The new Guinot 30-minute Hydraclean Facial uses the patented Thermoclean Electrode to offer spa enthusiasts glowing skin in 30 minutes.  Many trendy, “quickie” spa treatments promise to get clients in and out in under an hour.  These treatments are designed for time, not results – compromising their overall effectiveness.   Unlike the rest of the pack, Guinot’s Hydraclean Facial is not a just a shortened version of an existing treatment.  Over the past two years, Guinot has been developing the Thermoclean Electrode specifically for this treatment, delivering noticeable, long-lasting results in less than half the time of a standard facial.

Guinot’s Hydraclean Facial will cater to a diverse clientele, including:  hurried professionals with barely a minute to spare, young spa goers looking for an introductory treatment, those looking for a skin refresher that won’t leave them red, puffy or makeup-less. The 30-minute facial is so perfectly designed for speed and efficacy that one’s eye makeup remains untouched – so it’s back to work in a jiffy, a quick visit between work and a Friday evening date or a little “me” time between soccer practice and the French tutor.

How it works

Regulated heat from the patented Thermoclean Electrode triggers hyper-secretion of the sweat and sebaceous glands to clean the pores and rid the skin of oil and toxins while individually prescribed gel is massaged into the face to deeply penetrate and treat.


The results

Skin is clearer, brighter, hydrated, able to breathe, and is more receptive to subsequently applied products.

The steps

•Gel Application
•Skin Massage with Thermoclean Electrode
•Remove Gel
•Extraction (if necessary)
•Moisturizer Application
•Facial Massage

The Electrode

Guinot created this patented Thermoclean heating electrode specifically for this treatment. Instead of using steam to soften the pores (that can dry out and damage skin and with which you cannot regulate the heat), this electrode is set to a specific temperature and can be adjusted to each person’s comfort level. While softening the pores, the heat from the electrode simultaneously penetrates the treatment gels deep into the skin.


The gels

There are two gels that were specifically created for this treatment – the Universal Cleansing Gel for all skin types and the Purifying Cleansing gel for oily skin. Both are soap-free and have Salicylic Acid to provide antimicrobial action and exfoliation and Lipacid to regulate excess oil. The Universal Gel also contains Allantoin to soften and sooth and Lactic Acid to moisturize, while the Purifying Gel contains Burdock to deeply cleans and purify.

The prescription

All skin types: 1 treatment per month

Oily skin types: 1-2 treatments per month


- Guinot's Hydra Cellular Facial:

This customised treatment targets, Dehydration, Oily/Acne skins, Anti Wrinkle/Fine lines,Soothing/Repair, Sun Preparation? Repair, Dry Skin, Skin lacking in luster. The uniguw ionization process ensures the rapid absorbation of active ingredients for exceptional results and effectiveness. The skin will absorb home care produ ts so much better and products will last longer!



New for 2019 - 

                                    During this reatment, the skin is treated to a "double exfoliation" which will remove all dead skin cells and smoth the skin through mechanical and enzymatic actions. The unique massage technique used in this treatment, firms, lifts, and re-defines the facial contours! A wrinkle eraser serum is then applied all over the face and decollete area. A detailed consultaion is carried out before the treatment, to establish the clients needs. 

The Lift Summum Treatment contains the following:

Stablised Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Mahogany Bark Extract, Papaya Extract,

All these ingredients work together to rehydrate, inflate and plump out wrinkles, thus improving skin elasticity and tone. Home care advise is given , along with samples of Guinot products used. We recommend a course of Three Treatments to achieve excellent results.



New for Summer 2019: Hydra Peeling Facial:

A three stage manual facial, that will renew the radiance of your skin which will .... Eases visabel signes of ageing, Add Radiance to the complexion,  Attention to reducing dark spots, Brightens Skin Tone,

Hydra peel contains the following:

Fruit acids of Grapefruit, Mandrine, Blackcurrant, Passion Fruit, Papaya extract, Camelina Oil

This facial is suitable for all skin types, however a Patch Test is required 24 hours before treatment for first time clients.

We recommend a course of Three Treatments - one a week for three weeks, to achieve excellent results.


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