Skin Care from Mella Britton:

Skin Therapy at Britton's has a passion for good skin care treatment and products. we are very fortunate to have Thalgo and Guinot ranges to offer.  Both are well established in reserch and development, which in turn, enables us to to give you the client first class skin care Both ranges contain natural products, anot tested on animals,and are suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Thalgo Facials

Thalgo Skin Cosmetics for face and body explore the richness of the sea, to extract  vital ingredients including- the orginally mediocally patented, micronzed Marine Algae. For over 40 years, Thalgo has been a true innovator in the world of Marine Beauty.

Their laboratories explore the depts of the sea through out the worl, thus their policy of continous  development and reserch into the best ingredients to compound their products. They promise and deliver Eco friendly and natural products, that will protect the beauty and youthfullness of your skin.

Facial Treatments available in Thalgo Range'

The Organic Range- Terre & Mer.

Softness, hydration, and comfort are the key words of teh treatmment, which puts the skin compleatly at rest.  We use organic oils to sooth and smooth the skin gently. Oils include, Lavender, Rose, Camomile, Juniper Berry, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil.  According to your skin type, we can select the correct essential oil concerntrat to suit your needs.

This luxuary treatment begins with a relaxing back massage, followed by a wonderfull facial treatment experience, useing warm compress made up of cruched flowers and herbs. Beauty results in  an instant!!! The skin will be perfectly hydrated and relaxed.

Hyrda-Marine Hydration Facial

To infuse your skin with moisture - the true moisture bath" to instantly smooth and replump the skin. This treatment is for dehydrated skin, skins lacking in luster. The Hydra Marine range of skin care is the first 24hr skin care product to help recreat a well of vital moisture at the heart of the skin thus regenerating its natural radiance.


Aligo Marine Infusion for Dry Skin

Using Thalgo's latest development in Skin care - this treatment uses the Double Mask method, The skin is deep cleansed,& gently exfoliated, Algomega Extract for Dry skins is massaged into the skin followed by an application of Nurishing Cream mask, which is then infused by an application of the Marine Infusion Mask. Resulting in a perfectly nurished complexion. 

Marine Infusion Mask for Sensitive Skins. 

This Treatment is ideal for the very senstive skins. We use the lond established Bio Protective Line of products with this Mask, to ensure a soothed and calmed complexion.

For Clients in a hurry!!!

We can offer two facials, which take less than an hour.
Deep Cleansing Facial takes 45 mins, Refreshing Facial takes 30mins. Both treatments will introduce you to the two skin care ranges we carry in the Salon

Anti Ageing Treatments
Wrinkle Control Facial

We introduced this treatment to our range in 2008 and it has proven a great success with clients, It is nature's alternative to Botox!!

Pure Collagen for Face and Eyes

Thalgo's Collagen is extracted from marine sourses, so it is purity at it's best. This is a luxurious treatment for fine lines on the face and around the eye area. It is also perfect for sun damaged skins. Target age 25 +

The Exceptional Facial Treatment.- The Ultimate Anti- Ageing treatment.

THis is an intensive treatment, that works on all signs associated with ageing, by using an extract rich in Natural Alge Hormones. It will treat moisture deficiency, fine lines, wrinkles, skins that are showing signs of hormones deficinecies - lack of skin tone, fragility, and dehydrateion. For best results, a course of six treatment is reccommended.

Coming soon for Summer 2016!!

We are delighted to be offering this Summer - Thalgo's latest Moisture Enhancing Facial - Maupiti.

In just 45 mins, every inch of the skin is gradually infused with essential marine substances sto revitalise, rejuvanate and energise the whole face. We will be introducing to the Product range, the beautiful Tropical Island Cream, This product stimulates and detoxifies the skin cells, traces of stress and fatique fade from the face!! This excellent treatment and product will be avaiable on June 1st when we celebrate our Salon Birthday!! Watch out for more details of a big day of celebrations.

Guinot Facial Treatments:

Since 1987, we have been agents for this wonderfull skin care range and treatments. 
New in 2011

The Hydradermie Lift Treatment:

This is a specialised anti-ageing treatment gives immediate and long lasting visible results that improve the skin's appearance, Designed for skin's that show a loss in elasticity. It treatsboth the skin and the delicate facial muscles for immediate "lift" and overall boost in radiance.

Using a safe effective microcurrent, the Hydradermie machine- unique tp Guinot- elimates tow=xins, improves skin tone and works on the underlying muscle structure to lift and firm the eye area, face, and neck. Suitable for all skin types

Guinot Facial Treatments:

Since 1987, we have been agents for this wonderfull skin care range and treatments. The renowned Hyradermie Treatments are the Rolls Royce in skin care.

Developed in 1940's by Dr. Rene Guinot - a Dermatologist in Switzerland, whose work in the area of skin healing has been the basis of this most successfull range. 

Guniot's pholosophy is about perscriptive skin care, following a detailed consultation, a personalized facial is perscribed for the client needs,

Treatments are both hands on and machine based. The Hydradermie machine combines two mild electrical modes Galvanic and High Frequency. The Galvanic current allows the specialised serum gels to be absorbed deep into the basal layers of the skin.

This in turn has a deep cleansing effect, destroying all bacteria and allowing it to be drawn to the surface of the skin, where it is then removed by high frequency.

We are delighted to welcome the new and improved Hydradermie 2 machine, which gives "twice as good" a treatment as before!  This machine includes a Lifting Mode

Hydradermie Lift Express!

The work out for the face and neck creates lifting exxect in just 30min!! Perfect for that Special Event, or just to experence the wonders of Hydradermie Lift

Hydradermie is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, acne prone skins, anti-ageing.

Also available from the Guinot range of treatments :

Beuate Neuve - The Peeling Facial - Using AHA     concentrations to renew the skin gently and comfortably, The Beaute Neuve treatment uses teh Clarimasque - enriched with Vitamin C, to reduce dark spots, and even skin tone,

Age - Summum - Guinots latest edition to their range of Anti Aging treaments. In just 50 mins,this treatment will reduce the signs of aging.  This Four Phase Treatment includes: Demabrasion Exfolating Cream, Regenerating Anti Aging Serum with Vit C, Anti Aging, Facial massage, Active Pro- Collagen Face Mask to restore radiance.   This is an ideal facial treatment for anyone concerned with signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness and lack of radiance, We recommend a Course of 3 facials to see excellent results.

Liftosome - Manual Lifting Facial : During this treatment, a themal Mask with active ingredient of Pro Collagen, helps to restore the skin's elasticity and youthfull apprearance

Aromatic  Facial - Using the healing energy extracrted from the heart of plants. This unique personalized method combines the benefits of essential oils. In just 45 mins you skin will be cared for and its radiance restored - total relaxation!

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