Testimonials For Mella Britton

  • I had Kinesiology treatment carried out for a sleep problem that I had for many years. I was amazed that with some life style changes and using Mella's Music pillow, my sleep pattern has become normal!! My first appointment was in September and two months later all is perfect!

    Thank you!  M O.
  • My two year daughter had digestive problems for over a year, we had tried different types of treatments. Since she had Kinesiology, her digestion is perfect, we know what foods she can digest easily. She now sleeps all night long, without been up 3-4 times getting sick!! Thanks Mella, for giving us a "night's sleep" now and a very happy little girl.

  • I attended Mella for Kinesiology for stress problems, poor sleep, and very low energy. I had been on medication for this problem for over 20 years. When Mella carried out the consulation she asked about my medications and when was the last time I saw my GP. I explained that I hadn't spoken to my GP for over 2 years!

    Mella consulted with her brother who is a Pharmacist, and he advised, that I should visit my GP and discuss my medications with her.
    There were some new and better products available, that would have less "side effects" to those I was taking at present.

    On checking the side effects of the present tablets - 50% of the sides effects, where causing my ill health!
    After a month, I returned to Mella for review and was feeling 100% better. She had advised me on diet, lifestyle changes and vitamins. My daughter is getting married this summer and I am NOW looking forward to the big day!
    K. McK.
  • I had occasion to use the services of Mella Britton Kinesiologist in relation to a food intolerance issue my young son was having. Following a very simple test, Mella was able to establish the foods that were causing the problems. My son now knows himself what to eat and what not. He is a much happier little boy. I am very grateful to Mella for her help.

  • Though kinesiology Mella helped me to overcome my Sleep problem. For over 10 years I hadn't had a proper nights sleep. Having heard Mella give a presentation on her work, I decided to give Kinesiology a go! I followed the advice given, changed my lifestye, my diet, used the special Music Pillow and within three months I was getting between 7 -8 hours sleep every night. I now can work better, no more mood swings due to tiredness, my energy is amazing!! I continue to use the tools Mella gave me and am most grateful for her advice.
  • Dear Mella, Thank you for your kindness and support you have given me. Due to my treatment, my skin had become very sensitive and dry all over, I felt a great sense of peace when you rested your hand on my forehead.

    My skin has improved so much and does 'nt feel like it will crack! Following you advise, I got a gentle cleanser and it has worked really well. I am on my ninth treatment and will be able to finish out the 12 sessions. Thanks to you and Kinesiology I have been able to stop this dreadfull illness before it got a grip on me.
    God Bless. Love and Blessings. U.
  • I would like to take this opportunity and truly recommend Mella's services. My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with Chrons in February 2012. After hearing so many good reports about Mella, we decided to book an appointment. Mella engaged in a thorough consultation with my daughter, and opted to conduct a food allergy test.

    The results were extremely apt. She carried this test out using Kinesiology and Muscle Testing. This proved invaluable to my daughter, as all of her ailments were efficiently pinpointed. Five months later we returned for a second consultation, and the imrorvement in my daughters condition was phenomenal!

    Every aspect of her health and general wellbeing has improved. Even her Hospital Consultant was impressed with her improvement! This in my opinion is due to Mella's professional services, which are provided in a warm and caring manner. Many thanks from a happy Mum and her Daughter.
    K & L K.
  • My name is Pauric Hilferty Director of Greenlight Media Letterkenny. I am a very active member of our local GAA club in Termon. After one of the training sessions, one of our star players came to me with a serious health issue. She was extremely tired and no energy. I suggested she gets an appointment with Mella Britton - Kinesiologist. Mella carried out a Kinesiology  treatment.

    The girls father rang me to say how delighted he was with the outcome and was very pleased with Mella's expertise and knowledge. I would like to thank Mella for the prefessional service she supplies and her personal touch is second to none. I would highly recommend Mella and Kinesiology to everyone.

    Pauric Hilferty 28/03/2013     
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