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Mella Britton, Salon Owner

Emmajane Mundy, Beauty Therapist

Tamara McBrearty MUA


Welcome to Skin Therapy at Brittons

To begin, I am Mella Britton, owner/manager of the Skin Therapy. We were established in 1980, after qualifying at the renowned Bronwyn Conroy School of Beauty in Dublin.

What began in the 1980s as a grooming salon catering for the skin care needs of our clients, has developed into a successful Beauty and Holistic Treatment Salon..

In 1997 I attended an intensive course given by Margaret Loughrin in London, where I learned the unique Rejuvanessence - The Finger Tip Face lift.

2003, I qualified as a Reiki Practitioner under the guidence of Martina Coyne, of the Innue School of Healing

2005: I trained as a Kinesiologist with A.S.K. Ireland, under the direction of Siobhan Guthrie and Kieran Haughey.

2016: Compleated my training in Course - Instructor & Course Leadership in Systematic Kinesiology 

Skin Care begins from within, if we take care of our bodies (internally and externally) it will reward us with a radiance that is magic

Skin Therapy are proud former members of the Stronghold Chapter of BNI - however BNI members from near and far are most welcome.