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Beauty Essentials & Grooming Services:

MakeUp Application:
 For that Speical Occassion, Interview, or "just" for an evening out! Chat to our Tamara about your particular needs!

Skin Care:
Skin Therapy at Britton's has a passion for good skin care treatment and products. we are very fortunate to have Thalgo and Guinot ranges to offer.  Both are well established in reserch and development, which in turn, enables us to to give you the client first class skin care Both ranges contain natural products, anot tested on animals,and are suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Depilatory Wax Using Perron Regot products  

We recommend a Patch test is carried out for first time clients having Waxing treatments

Sterex Electrolysis for facial hair removal 

Electrolysis has been a long standing treatment for permanent facial hair removal. Each hair has its own growth cycle, so when we say that Electrolysis is permanent, it is over a period of time. Hair growth is controled by hormonal level in the body and as each person is different, the rate of hair growth differs from one perosn ot another The best results occure when the hair is treated at its earliest stage of growth, when the growing cells are most active and there is an active blood supply to the hair follicle. A detailed consultation and patch test is carried out prior to commencing full treatment, This will allow the client to experience Electrolysis and the Therapist to assess how the client skin reacts. 

Health and Well Being:
We all want to look well, but it must come from within, when our bodies are in perfect balance, that radiance will shine through.  For your Well Being we offer- Reiki, Signature Massage, Indian Head Massage, and Systematic  Kinesiology.

Kinesiology is a holistic approach to balanced health. Strains, aches and pains are natures way of letting you know that there is something wrong with your body. It is important to listen to what it is saying. Kinesiology can help by finding the cause of these imbalances using simple muscle testing. The body's own feedback helps to discover the true cause and the necessary treatment, to obtain results. I am a proud member of A.S.K Ireland - Association of Systematic Kinesiology of Ireland. 

Why put up with the way you are feeling?
The type of Kinesiology which is carried out is Systematic Kinesiology. This treatment uses simple muscle testing to find out where  imblances and weakness are  in the body, find food intolorences, help to heal old injuries, stress and emotional issues, pains & aches. During the consultation, a full medical history is carried in order to discover what the clients present state of health is. The muscle testing carried out, is very gentle is non invasive, and by no means agressive. The Client is liying on a treatment couch though out and is full clothed. Kinesiology is not a course of treatments, In most cases one treatment with perhaps 3-4 review visits are required.

We do suggest that the client has a yearly review. Kinesiology does not take the place of medical advise or treatment, however, it will compliment it. To have our diet, nutrition, lifestyle in a healthy  mode, strenghtening our Immune System keeps illness at bay. Keeping our stress levels  balanced in our busy lives is the key to a healthy body.. At the end of the Consultation, the client is given clear guidelines to follow for a period of time - this could be a diet or lifestyle change. At all times. the Kinesiologist support to the client is asured. I trained in 2005 with A.S.K. Ireland and am a member of the Systamatic Kinesiology Assocation of Ireland. Their web page can be viewed at www.kinesiology.ie or on Facebook.