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Skin Therapy at Britton's has a passion for good skin care treatment and products. we are very fortunate to have Thalgo and Guinot ranges to offer.  Both are well established in reserch and development, which in turn, enables us to to give you the client first class skin care Both ranges contain natural products, are not tested on animals, most importantly they are suitable for all skin types and conditions. Over the years we have found that there is always a reason for a client developing a skin condtion. This can range from using unsuitable products or not using products correctly, stressful lives, pollution, medications or Blue screens. Its amazing by making small changes to lifestyle and perhaps using a new range of skin care, comfort and radiance will be renewed to the skin. In some cases, we recommend clients have a Kinesiology session to determine the under lying cause of a skin condition Check out the Kinesiology section of the Web site.

Thalgo Marine Cosmetics pride themselves in being a real pioneer in marine cosmetics, only sourcing and using fresh marine products from non- polluted sea waters around the world. Their reserch centre in France continuously investes in innovation and creation of new marine active ingredients, It has thus developed  more than 60 active ingredients of marine costal origin. All of their packaging is eco friendly and thus kind to our planet!

Thalgo Facial Treatment

Thalgo professional treatments meet exacting standards in terms of visible results. We in Skin Therapy at Brittons have regular training in new devleopments in Thalgo's wonderful range of Facial treatments and new products We have been offering Thalgo Skin Care since 1980. All of Thalgo treatments are manually applied. Their moto is "Let the sea empower your beauty" Their committment to protecting our oceans and environment is strong as they donate 5% of their profits to protect our oceans. All of Thalgo's treatments are manually performed and applied

The treatment list includes the following: Marine Infusion Mask Treatment which targets, Dry, Senstive and Dehydrated Skin types.

The Anti-Aging Ranges include the new Spiruline - Anti- Pollution Facial, Hyaluronic Anti-Ageing Treatment, Silicium Super Lift lifting range. Thalgo Products are truly, made to measure answers to your Skin care needs and concerns. We are delighted to say, that all Thalgo products are Vegan friendly and their containers are bio -degradable. this shows the true commitment Thalog are making to protecting the environment. 

Guinot's Machine Based Treatements:

Hydraderm Cellural Energy treatment

We have been offering Guinot Skin Care since 1983, they have been in operation for over 50 years. The range was developed by Swiss Dermatioogist Dr Rene Guinot, During the Second world war his work in the area of skin healing has been the basis of the success of this amazing brand. Guinot became a leading brand by creating avant-garde skin care treatment and programs method at the forfront of technology. Over the years, the effectiveness of its treatment method has made Guinot stand out as a leading brand in the beauty industary.

Guinot has become a pioneer in anti-aging reserch and continually discovers and uses active ingredients that are more effective. They are teh first company in the world to creat skincare products with the 56 Cellular ingrecients of the Cellular life Complex. Guinot uses both manual and machine based treatements, starting with the renowned Hydraderm Cellular Energy machine used to treat all skin condtions and skin types.Using Guinot's unique technology the skin is deeply cleansed allowing new skin cells to develope. thus rejuvanating the complexion. The results are visable and long lasting. Included in the Hydraderm treatment is the  unique Lifting mode. This works on the underlying muscle structure to lift and firm, the eye area, face and neck. The muscles of the face are gently stimulated to shorten and tighten. This is a visable alternative to Asethetic medicine..


Guinot Hydraclean Facial

 Guinot 30-minute Hydraclean Facial uses the patented Thermoclean Electrode to offer spa enthusiasts glowing skin in 30 minutes.  Many trendy, “quickie” spa treatments promise to get clients in and out in under an hour.  These treatments are designed for time, not results – compromising their overall effectiveness.   Unlike the rest of the pack, Guinot’s Hydraclean Facial is not a just a shortened version of an existing treatment.  Over the past two years, Guinot has been developing the Thermoclean Electrode specifically for this treatment, delivering noticeable, long-lasting results in less than half the time of a standard facial. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and a perfect introduction to Guinot Skin Care or for that "First Time" facial client. 

Guinot's Manual facials are discribed in the "Treatment" area of our web site. We are delighted to say that all Guinot products and packaging is vegan friendly and eco friendly. 

They include the following facials: Hydra Peeling Facial, Age Summum, Aromatic Facial, Eye Logic Treatment, Lift Summum                                                                                                     

Jessica Natural Nail Treatment

Jessica Natural Nail Treatments.

For over 50 years Jessica Vartoughan has been The First Lady of Nails. She has stuck by her mantra - that beautifully groomed hand and healthy/natural nails give a woman grace and power! Each product in the Jessica range is vitamin enriched, to nourish and protect the natural nail. For every nail problem there is a solution within the range. The early 2000's saw the introduction of Geleration - Gel Nails. This treatment manicure will last for two weeks without any damage to the natural nail. This is ideal for broken, weak nails or those that have a slow growth.

The Jessica Pedicure - ultimate in relaxation! 

The Jessica Pedicure is the ultimate in a luxury treatment, when you can relax and let the worries of the day float away!