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Thalgo Skin Care cosmetics  for face and body explore the richness of the sea, from which they  extract  vital ingredients including- the orginally mediocally patented, micronzed Marine Algae. For over 40 years, Thalgo has been a true innovator in the world of Marine Beauty. A truly natural experience.

Their laboratories explore the depts of the sea through out the world, thus their policy of continous  development and reserch into the best ingredients to compound their products. They promise and deliver Eco friendly and natural products, that will protect the beauty and youthfullness of your skin.

Facial Treatment in Thalgo Range:

Marine Infusion Mask::  For Dehydrated, Dry, Sensitive and Acne prone skins

All of these treatments include a Double Mask treatment - combining a Cream mask to takget the skin's needs and condiiton along with the Peel Off Infusion mask, which enables deep absorbation of the treatment serums. Resulting in deeper moisture level, claming reactive skin, and rebalances Oil/Sebum production.

Hyaluronic Anti-Ageing Facial - It is nature's alternative to Botox!!
For clients who are concerned with the Ageing Process of their skin, this facial will have a plumping, smoothing and hydrating effect Target age is 40 +

Spiruline Boost Facial - Anti-Aging 
Spiruline is extracted from marine sourses rich in marine magnesium, so it is purity at it's best. This is a luxurious treatment for fine lines on the face and around the eye area. This treatment is ideal for dull lifeless skins, fatigued skins, congested skins due to pollution.  Targets the signs of first wrinkles. Spiruline revies skin radiance. Target  age 25 + 

Lumiere Marine Facial - Brightening Effect
This facial targets Dark spots/Pigmentation, Congested skin, Skin lacking in luster. It is also Anti-Ageing. We recommend one facial a week for three weeks for best results. 

For clients in a hurry........
We can offer two facials, which take less than an hour.
Deep Cleansing Facial takes 45 mins, This involves a deep cleanse and exfoliation  of the skin, followed by a facial steaming, to sofen the pores and help release any unwanted debrit ie blackheads. A 10 min facial massage follows to improve the oxygen and blood circulaiton to the skin. A treatment mask is applied and left to be absorbed for 15mins, removed and moisture cream suitable for the client is then applied. 

Refreshing Facial takes 30mins. This is an ideal treatment for the "client who IS  in a hurry"! As the title states - this facial refreshes the skin by Deep cleansing, exfolation and a treatment mask application. This treatment will introduce the client to Thalgo Skin Care treatements and products. 

After all of our facials, clients will be given a selection of product samples to use as home care and to experience for themselves how Thalgo products, feel and work on their skin.