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                                   Guinot Manual Treatments:

Lift Summum Facial:

                                 During this treatment, the skin is treated to a "double exfoliation" which will remove all dead skin cells and smooth the skin through mechanical and enzymatic actions. The unique massage technique used in this treatment, firms, lifts, and re-defines the facial contours! A wrinkle eraser serum is then applied all over the face and decollete area. A detailed consultaion is carried out before the treatment, to establish the clients needs. 

The Lift Summum Treatment contains the following:

Stablised Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Mahogany Bark Extract, Papaya Extract,

All these ingredients work together to rehydrate, inflate and plump out wrinkles, thus improving skin elasticity and tone. Home care advise is given , along with samples of Guinot products used. We recommend a course of Three Treatments to achieve excellent results.

Hydra Peeling Facial:

A three stage manual facial, that will renew the radiance of your skin which will .... Eases visabel signes of ageing, Add Radiance to the complexion,  Attention to reducing dark spots, Brightens Skin Tone,

Hydra peel contains the following:

Fruit acids of Grapefruit, Mandrine, Blackcurrant, Passion Fruit, Papaya extract, Camelina Oil

This facial is suitable for all skin types, however a Patch Test is required 24 hours before treatment for first time clients.

We recommend a course of Three Treatments - one a week for three weeks, to achieve excellent results

Eye Treatment - Eye Logic:

Eye Logic is a Beuty treatment specifically designed for the deicate area around the eyes. It targets, puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles. Eye Logic treatment regulates superficial blood circulation and visably decongests the eye contour area. The Hydraderm Machine is used to work the specialised gel to penetrate the skin, followed by a specialised massage, and finishes with applicaiton of the Masque Yeux Age Logic ( Eye mask) For long lasting results, we recommend a course of Three treatments - one a week for three weeks. Guinot Eye care products are recommned to enhance this treatment.

Aromatic Facial:

This treatment uses the healing energy of essential oils extracted from the heart of plants. A facial that is personialised to the clients needs, For total relaxation and a "Time Out" hour to yourself, this is the choice of choices! In 45mins, the skin will be refreshed, rejuvanated and totally relaxed

Age Summum: Take years off your face!

Guinot being the expert in Anti-Aging skin care, have created Age Summum, a facial treatment that combines technology and exclusive movements for vibable results on signs of aging. The treatment begins with a deep exfoliation with active microparticles which rid the skin of dead cells and allows new skin cells to appear. This if followed by an application of the regenerating serum Age Summum which contains highly concentrated Vitamin C, 56 cellulare ingredients, This a a specialised  massage which helps to firm and tighten the contours of the face, the treatment is compleated with the applicaiton of teh Pro Collagen anti-aging mask. A treatement course of Four treatments is recomended for best results.

 - Guinots first ever Foot Treatment - Pedi Peel

We are very excited to introduce Guinot's latest addition - Pedi Peel for feet. When you examin your feet closely, the skin around the top of the foot is thin and fragile, it can become damaged more easily, shows imperfections.

On the bottom of the foot, the skin is thick and rough, this is because, there are fewer sebacecous glands in this area and it lacks comfort. 

This treatment is ideal for any of the following clients: those who wear imappropriate or ill-fitting shoes, who run or walk excessively , who have ngelected their feet, or only become awear of problems in seasonal changes 

 The Peeling solution contains Potassium Hydroxide, which loosens dead skin and softens rough patches.

The treatment finishes with an applicaiton of Pieds Foot Cream, which contains, Sweet Almond oil to restore the skin's hydralipidic film, Shea Butter to intensely nourish the skin, Pro Vitamin B5 to help strengthen nails, Allantoin, to sooth discomfort, Microcidin which purifies and prevents foot odour. Results- Feet feel brand new!!  This treatment can be carried out as a single treatment or be included in a full Pedicure Treatment.

Detoxygen Facial:

New for 2021!  

Our environment causes alot of stress on our skins, with car fumes, pollution,blue screens, working in enclosed places of work with no natural light. Our skins become tired looking, lacking in luster, resulting in a dull complexion and imperfections appearing.For this, Guinot have introduced the new DeToxygen Facial, this can either be a "once a year" facial or a "change of season" facial. It removes dead cells, elimates toxins, re-oxygenates the skin, resulting in a fresher  and glowing complexion. The skin can breath again! Try it for yourself and see the difference!

Following all of the Guinot Treatments, clients will be given a selection of skin care products to use as Home care. This is in order  to experience for themselves the Guinot products used in their facial treatment. This is called the Skin Care perscription!