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Every week we would like to pass on some helpful tips on your Skin care and Wellbeing.  This week we begin by giveing  you five useful tips on your Winter Skin Care.

1. Deep cleanse your skin every night before bed - the day can throw alot of debris at it!

2.  Every morning apply your skin toner to refresh the skin before applying your daily moisture cream, SPF and Makeup.

3. Ensure that your drink at least 5 large glasses of plain water - no dilutes added! Add a slice of fresh lemon if needed

4. Once a week, use an exfoliator and mask, we recommend you use a Hydrating mask at this time of year, The exfoliator will remove the build up of dead skin cells, and the Hydration mask will replenish moisture level in the skin

5. Dont forget about the poor eyes! They get a lot of abuse being in front of Blue screens, Use a dedicated Eye -makeup remover every night and remember to apply a small amount of Eye cream or Eye gel to the eye contour every morning. This will protect the delicate eye area as we go about our daily routines. 

We stock the full range of Thalgo and Guinot skin care products, so drop and discuss your skin care needs.

See you soon, 

Hi Folks

Its been a few weeks since I have been on. I had a slight mishap on the stairs at work and ended up with a sprined ankle - not very nice but it tought me to "slow down" going down the stairs!!

Just want to share what I did to bring about a fairly quick healing. FIrstly I bath the injured foot in hot water to which I added a cupful of epsom salts, I did this for about 10mins or so, until the water cooled down. Then I put an ice pack to releave the inflammation. I did this a few times over the weekend. I did rest the foot by not standing too much on it and supported with an ankle support.  To day - Wednesday Nov 10th, I am glad to report, that the pain is virtually gone, the skin has turned a beautiful shade of blue, purple and a few dots of yellow - but its healing!!! 

That's all for today, Will be back soon again. 


Dec 6th. 2021.

Hi Folks

We are getting ready for the Festive Season here. However, it is important to look after the skin both inside and out! Have the proper nutrition and diet is vital for good skin. I recommend drinking up to two liters of plain water ( not sparkling!) a day. The vitamins which support the skin are Vitamin C, Vitamin B's. Zinc. Getting at least 7/8 hours sleep and having a cut off time for blue screen use - ie, mobile, laptop, tablet is best. Sitting in front of a blue screen is very dehydrating on the skin and will cause a slow break down in elascity and firmness in the skin. When out and about, we recommend wearing an SFP 50 over your moistuer cream! The cold weather can be very harsh and the skin needs protecting. I can recommend two great products in the Guinot range - Perfect Finish SPF 50 and Hydra finish SPF 15.

Until next time. keep safe!!  Regards Mella 

Jan 8th 2022

Happy and Healthy New year to you all and to your families. Such a time folks are having with the dreaded Covid virus, but at least , it is not near as severe as the Delta.  Taking note on New years eve, I decided to increase my own self care! It is important to practise what I preach!! Its not so much as setting goals, but making a firm decision to "look after myself" This means, getting out in nature much more, paying visits to one of wonderful beaches here in Co Donegal.

Back in October, I finished my training in AFP -Attuning to Full Potential. This was one of THE most interesting courses that I took part in. It is part of the Kinesiology family, only it deals with the emotions and stress in a much deeper level. Life and circumstance can throw alot at us, in turn, this can stop us from leading a full filling life with out any sabotages! When we take a few moments to be present in ourselves and be silent, we can access, how we are feeling right now? Ask the question, is there anything or anyone that is preventing you from enjoying life to the full? Are you holding back on moving forward due to lack of courage or lack of confidence? There are ways and means to get over these hurdles - by being in the correct mind set, and having a clear vision of what it is you would like to do or where you would like to be. Are you in a relationship or employment that is holding you back or preventing you from being the wonderful person that you are?  AFP addresses issues in a multi-dimensional way, it uses vibrational icons, which by using muscle testing allows access to information as to where issues are. The aim is to raise our level of consciousness, to let go of fear, experience trust and courage, This will help to reconnect with "I Am" We all have ths knowledge, but it can get lost along the road of life! 

Until next time, stay safe, and keep well. 

Regards Mella 

Hi Folks

Its been a while since I was on. So an update is in order! I am delighted to say that I have returned to studies and have started the Child Centre Method - or CCM. This is a form of Kinesiology and it aims to help childern with educational difficults, balance issues, hyperactivity. It will take me up to two years to complete the course as its part time on line, but I will have better skills to help childern and even adults when I have completed. I have to do a number of case studies, so if you are interested - give me a call and I will explain what is involved.

Until next time, stay safe


Mella 10/05/22